Only people with high IQs can spot hidden animal within 11 seconds

Optical illusions aren't always simple to solve.

Some could work wonders for your intelligence, while others play games with your eyesight. So if you want to test your IQ score, here's a brainteaser.

The mind-boggling image is challenging players to spot the hidden animal. If you look closely, there's a horse somewhere but it's camouflaged.

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So do you have what it takes the solve the optical illusion? You've got just 11 seconds to complete it in time and make sure you leave a comment below!

These kind of optical illusions can be quite hard as it's from a different era. But if you have a sharp eye and quick mind, you should be able to find the horse fast.

Still struggling? Scroll down below for the answer…

Start by looking for unusual shapes or patterns, then zoom in on the image to observe the details closely. People with higher IQs tend to have exceptional visual processing skills.

Also they're a lot faster at solving puzzles and optical illusions. And if you manage to find the horse within 11 seconds, you could have a high IQ and sharp vision.

Although it's best to take a proper exam to determine your intelligence. So how did you do?

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For more optical illusions, a recent one baffled as only people with "eagle eyes" can spot hidden food within six seconds in the brainteaser.

Recently there was a hidden animal in the optical illusion – but only some people could spot it. And dirty-minded people were left giggling at an optical illusion involving a couple.

It looks like everyone's tuning into a show as there's people sitting on blankets and chairs gazing in one direction. But for those with a dirty-mind, before anything else they spotted something rather naughty.

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