Coleen Nolans son laughs off cheating claims after leaving TV star upset

Coleen Nolan and Shane Richie's son Shane Jr has appeared to have laughed off rumours of infidelity following his split from wife Maddie Wahdan.

The couple, who tied the knot last year after six years together, have been surrounded by speculation about their marriage. Shane is said to have confessed to seeing another woman while he was with Maddie, leaving her "heartbroken". His Loose Women star mum Coleen is reportedly "disappointed" in her son's actions.

Shane has since broke his silence on social media. He posted a series of messages on Instagram, including a video of a canoeist battling intense water rapids with the caption: "Therapist: How's it going? Me: Just going with the flow! The flow:," followed by the clip.

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He also shared a video of a child sliding down a slide on their back, with the caption: "Me trying to make it to the end of 2023." A source told The Sun: "It's sad the relationship has come to an abrupt end so soon after they tied the knot. Shane admitted he'd cheated.

"Maddie can't see any way back from the betrayal, so ended their marriage. Coleen is really upset as she adored Maddie and sees her as another daughter. She is disappointed to see history repeating itself. It's a case of like father, like son. Maddie is heartbroken. She is standing firm on her decision to move on with her life. She would never be walked over."

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It's believed that Shane and Maddie have parted ways for good and are no longer sharing a home. Shane is currently living near his family and focusing on his music while Maddie is staying in Kent. Shane's parents, Coleen and Shane Richie, split back in 1999 after Shane had an affair. Whilst discussing the past, Coleen said: "I'm in a much happier place now than when I was married to Shane I don't have to worry about what he gets up to any more."

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Shane previously confessed that there was "no excuse" for his actions, especially while hosting Love Me Do, a wedding programme advocating monogamy. He said to the Guardian: "What I did to Coleen was unforgivable and I could never apologise enough," and "And I was pulling the wool over the public's eyes, so what do you think was going to happen?"

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