Ulrika Jonsson swipes at Millie Bobby Brown over one aspect about new book

The art of writing a book is a difficult process, both physically and mentally, and that's why some, like Millie Bobby Brown, choose to utilise a ghostwriter, but that doesn't earn the respect of Ulrika Jonsson.

On September 12, the actress, who rose to fame, starring as Eleven in Stranger Things, released her debut novel โ€” Nineteen Steps.

The book is inspired by real-life events that took place in the 19-year-old's family back in World War II.

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The story aims to showcase that love can blossom even in the darkest days, with the main character, 18-year-old, Nellie Morris, making the most out of difficult circumstances.

With her family hoping she ends up with Billy, the air raid warden next door, everything changes when Ray, a hunky American, arrives on the scene and makes Nellie's heart flutter.

However, her happiness is brief, as she is soon rendered devastated by an accident during an air raid, which threatens to tear her entire family apart.

The book is inspired by Brown's Nanny Ruth, who survived the crash and told her granddaughter everything she could recall from that heartwrenching period.

The novel has gone down a storm with reviewers, who've rated it five-stars on Waterstones and given it a 95% approval rating on Google. However, that's not enough to seal the approval of Jonsson.

Having written two books with a third on the way all by herself, the TV presenter isn't a massive fan of ghostwriters.

Speaking to The Sun, she swiped at Millie for "not quite writing" the book.

She said: "The story is very much hers โ€“ it stemmed from her deep relationship with her grandmother and the stories she told the young Millie over the years."

The 57-year-old continued: "Critics say itโ€™s a corker of a book, and I really look forward to reading it. But I think it should be a bit clearer when stars use ghostwriters โ€“ in whatever capacity.

"Sounds like Millie had a huge amount of input into this novel, but the first draft was, in fact, written by someone else. I have no objection to ghostwriters โ€“ it provides a fruitful living for many."

But ultimately she slammed Millie and other celebs for saying they've written a book when they haven't penned it themselves.

Ulrika finished by branding it "another cash cow".

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