Antiques Roadshow guest in disbelief over valuation of Paul McCartney cartoon

Antiques Roadshow: Guest surprised at Paul McCartney cartoon valuation

An Antiques Roadshow guest was left in disbelief and repeating: “No,” after a Paul McCartney cartoon created by her dad was given a huge valuation.

Expert Hilary Kay welcomed the guest to the BBC programme before she heard more about the unique item.

The owner of the cartoon explained her father had been a keen cartoonist and also worked at Heathrow Airport.

“This is a cartoon my dad drew that relates to a very specific event that I believe happened in January 1984,” she explained.

“And the story is that Sir Paul McCartney and his wife, Linda – at the time, came through Heathrow Airport on the way from Barbados, and in Barbados they had been caught with drugs with cannabis.

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“So when they came back into Heathrow, my dad’s team received a tip-off essentially saying they thought they were still carrying cannabis.

“And so my dad’s team detained them. They were interviewed.

“And while supposedly in the interview room, my dad drew this cartoon about what was happening.”

“You’re not serious!” Hilary commented, adding: “So this is absolutely contemporaneous.

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“He was in one room being interviewed your dad was [drawing].”

She continued to enthuse: “And turning it over, this is really nice because it looks like a piece of HMRC note paper, doesn’t it? It’s got the reference there.

“So while he was drawing this, Paul McCartney was being interviewed, presumably with his wife.

“And then how come Paul McCartney has signed it with the current number one at the time in January 1984? Your father, do you think he asked for him to sign?”

The guest replied: “Well, I think he just showed him the cartoon because that would have been my dad.

“He would have just said, hey, look, ‘This is a bit of a tense moment, but this might make you laugh,’ because that was my dad all over.”

“And he showed it to them and Paul McCartney thought, ‘Oh that’s just great’ and signed it off,” Hilary remarked.

Getting to the all-important valuation, Hilary explained: “The market values it highly because it’s a very interesting incident in Paul McCartney’s career and it’s too good a story.

“I think we’re talking about least £2,000 to £3,000.”

“Oh my goodness, no!” The guest responded, unable to say anything more.

“And I hope that your dad would be very proud,” Hilary announced.

“I think he would, and I think he’d be really proud that I’d done this today,” the owner responded.

Antiques Roadshow is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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