Cain and Caleb make progress and Belle and Toms date goes wrong in Emmerdale spoilers

Emmerdale spoilers have revealed that Cain Dingle and Caleb Milligan are to make yet more progress as they look to build up their brotherly relationship.

Viewers will recall that since Caleb has arrived in the village, Cain has struggled to take to him, and that intensified when Caleb tried to con Kim Tate but in the process scammed Cain's wife, Moria Dingle, into selling her farm.

Cain tried to get rid of Caleb, but the rest of the Dingle family seemed to want him around, meaning Cain was outnumbered.

Caleb tried to make it up to Cain by helping Moira out with some cash to keep the farm running, but it wasn't enough.

In more recent times, the pair fell out again as Cain discovered that Caleb was behind his new business deal.

However, this week, Caleb has been trying to bring his family together, and on Tuesday, 5 September, he was officially welcomed into the Dingle family.

To mark the occasion, they had a get together in the Woolpack, and as the brothers washed up following the event, they appeared to be reuniting.

In Wednesday's (6 September) episode, the brothers spend more time together as Cain ropes Caleb into helping him at his garage.

When he is asked, Caleb is amused by the move.

Could the brothers finally be putting their differences aside?

Elsewhere in the village, things have been getting tough for loved-up couple Belle Dingle and Tom King in recent episodes.

The couple have been together for a short while now, and Belle has found the courage to open up to Tom about her past, including her mental health struggles.

However, this week, Tom broke the news that he is looking for somewhere else to live, and it might be away from the village, leaving Belle disheartened.

Her worries only intensified on Tuesday when she noticed a spark between Tom and his colleague Dawn Fletcher.

During Wednesday's episode, Belle and Tom decide to go on a date, and they head to the Hide to try and spend some well-needed time together.

However, their peace doesn't last long as Dawn arrives and gatecrashes the date due to an emergency at the vets.

Dawn's arrival leaves Belle disheartened as Tom's job comes between them again, just the day after Tom chose to work late with Dawn rather than heading home on time.

Will Tom and Belle be able to get over the hurdle?

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