Cain overwhelmed in Emmerdale as Caleb springs a game-changing idea on him

Dramatic events in recent Emmerdale episodes led to a bit of a breakthrough in the frosty relationship between Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) and his brother, Caleb Milligan (William Ash).

Cain has been furious with Caleb ever since he discovered that his brother was willing to destroy Moira (Natalie J. Robb)’s farm as part of his plan against Kim Tate (Claire King). He refused to believe Caleb’s insistence that he always meant to make things right for Moira financially as soon as the plan came to fruition. And of course the plan never did come to fruition, because Kim guessed what was going on.

Since then Caleb has been trying to help Cain and Moira with a loan, and also by putting business Cain’s way via his car business. After Nate (Jurell Carter) got involved in the car business he soon discovered that there was an illegal aspect to the business that Caleb wasn’t aware of.

When Nate discovered that the business was being used to move illegal guns he had to tell Caleb. which led Caleb to a confrontation with nasty gangster Harry (Robert Beck) – and ultimately to a lot of bruises and some broken ribs.

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In the aftermath of this, Caleb and Cain – who’d rushed to help his brother when he knew he was in danger – managed to talk. Cain gave Caleb a picture of their late mother, Faith (Sally Dexter), as a sign that they were back on brotherly terms.

In Monday (September 4)’s episode, this new understanding led Caleb to come up with an exciting plan. He proposed the car business could be owned equally by him, Cain, Nate and Nicky (Lewis Cope). It could be ‘Something great that could become permanent for all of us,’ Caleb enthused, possible already picturing the sign saying ‘Dingles and Sons’ above the entrance.

Nate was on board, but Cain wasn’t sure. It was ‘too much too soon,’ he said, obviously not quite over the humiliation of still having to pay Caleb’s loan back – with money he’d earned from work that Caleb had sent his way.

The brothers met in the Woolpack later, but if Caleb hoped Cain had changed his mind he was set for disappointment as Chas (Lucy Pargeter) urged them to ‘play nicely.’ .

‘Us not being at loggerheads is enough for now,’ Cain insisted.

Caleb wisely realised that there was no point trying to push Cain further at the moment, so he was happy to leave it at that.

Will Cain change his mind? Could we soon see the start of a new business empire in Emmerdale?

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