Cassie hooks Tyrone in with childhood prostitution lie in Corrie

Tyrone (Alan Halsall) is determined to give his mum Cassie (Claire Sweeney) the benefit of the doubt in upcoming Coronation Street episodes, but it seems he’s heading for heartbreak.

Cassie recently revealed that she’s the mechanic’s biological mother – something which came as a huge shock to him because Cassie’s mother Evelyn (Maureen Lipman) had told him that his mum was dead.

Evelyn had washed her hands of her daughter because of Cassie’s drug addiction, but recently she’s been trying to help her to come off the drugs.

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Tyrone is grateful when Kevin (Michael Le Vell) offers to give Cassie a chance by giving her a job at the garage, but it’s not long before drug dealer Dean (Anthony Crank) shows up. Abi (Sally Carman), a recovering drug addict herself, recognises Dean and is immediately suspicious. When she spots Cassie helping herself to the petty cash it seems she’s right to have her doubts, but Cassie begs her not to say anything.

The following day Tyrone hands £80 to his mum so she can go into town and get Ruby (Billie Naylor) some new boots. Evelyn thinks he’s being a gullible fool by handing money to Cassie, but ever-optimistic Tyrone hopes his faith isn’t misplaced.

When Cassie fails to show up for Jack (Kyran Bowes) and Ruby’s party, eventually Abi has to disclose that she’s seen Cassie with a known drug dealer and saw her helping herself to the petty cash. They head out to look for Cassie and find her slumped on the pavement after taking an overdose.

As Cassie recovers, Abi suggests that she should join her at a support group, as it’s the only way she’ll ever get clean. Cassie asks Tyrone if he’ll go with her for support and he agrees.

At the group Cassie weaves a sob story about her early life. She says that her mum kicked her out of the house and she had to resort to prostitution to survive, finally ending up on drugs.

Tyrone is totally taken in by this and believes every word. His heart breaking for what Cassie has been through in her life, he lays the blame at Evelyn’s door – and vows to have it out with her.

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