Charlie Stayt scolded by BBC co-star after chaotic Ben Miller interview

Charlie Stayt told interview has gone ‘off topic’

Charlie Stayt was scolded by a BBC Breakfast boss as he went off-topic during an interview with Ben Miller.

The former Death in Paradise star started discussing books he’d written, including one which features a giant.

Before the conversation could continue, Charlie admitted: “Do you know what I think I learned from the book?

“It’s that I didn’t know that giants by mythologies, because it’s not real, obviously, but in mythology they can’t swim.”

“Giants famously can’t swim,” Ben confirmed. “The last living giant, this is all tied in with the Arthurian legend, you see because apparently Gogmagog was fought on the coasts of Cornwall and was thrown into the sea drowned, the last living English giant.”

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“Why can’t they swim?” Charlie pressed.

“I guess nobody ever taught them to swim, I don’t know, “Ben confessed.

Charlie replied: “I’m looking baffled about it but they should swim well, they’re bigger!”

“Well, I suppose,” Ben responded. “I mean, this is a really good question.”

“Well, tall people swim well though don’t they, Olympic swimmers…” Charlie went on.

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“If you’re a giant maybe you just wade,” co-host Sarah Campbell suggested.

Ben added: “I think you know, it’s a sort of cautionary tale perhaps – no matter how big you are you still need to learn to swim.”

“Do you know what they’ve just told me in my ear?” Charlie replied admitting his boss had scolded him.

“My editor’s just told me, ‘I think we’re going off-topic.'”

Ben starred in popular BBC crime drama Death in Paradise as detective Richard Poole before the character was brutally murdered in season three.

He is still asked about his role despite leaving the show back a decade ago.

The actor also made a cameo in 2021 to mark the show’s 10th anniversary and has said he’d be interested in re-visiting the character in the future.

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays from 6am on BBC One.

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