Disenchantmant fans want to know reason behind Netflix’s animated sitcom ending

Disenchantment final season trailer

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Disenchantment. 

Disenchantment is almost over with just one more series left to go, so why is it reaching its conclusion?

The adult animated comedy from The Simpsons creator Matt Groening, follows the story of Bean (Abbi Jacobson) her personal demon Luci (Eric Andre), and elf Elfo (Nat Faxon) in the fantasy kingdom of Dreamland.

The fourth season took a turn for the worst though as Elfo was captured, Luci died trying to save Bean and went to Heaven and Zog was admitted into an insane asylum.

So how the Netflix show will play out is very much up in the air going into the final ever series.

Unfortunately, it is the beginning of the end with the streamer already stating there won’t be any more new instalments to follow.

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Why is Disenchantment coming to an end? 

As of yet, the creators of Disenchantment haven’t released an official reason to explain its ending.

But the sitcom was ordered as the final one and was written as a conclusion to the series, according to Deadline.

So it is believed it was part of Groening and his team’s plan to end Disenchantment with five seasons.

In the teaser, the narrator sets up the idea this is the beginning of the end, stating: “Every journey, every decision, every victory, every loss, it’s all led to this.”

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Describing what’s to come in the final series, the synopsis reads: “It all endeth here. The misadventures of hard-hitting, hard-drinking Queen Bean, her feisty elf companion Elfo and her personal demon Luci culminate in an epic battle for Dreamland.

“To save Dreamland from Queen Dagmar’s wicked rule, Bean must vanquish her mother and outrun a prophecy that foretells she will kill someone she loves.

“The stakes are as high as ever as our heroes face Satan, a headless corpse, an evil scientist and most terrifying of all- their true destiny.”

Season five consists of 10 episodes in total with the entire box set dropping in one go.

So Netflix subscribers will be able to binge-watch the animated comedy whenever they choose.

But how will Bean’s story come to an end after five years in the making?

Disenchantment season five premieres on Friday, September 1, on Netflix.

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