EastEnders fans left gobsmacked by Lilys baby name – with special meaning

EastEnders fans were left completely taken-aback by the name Lily Slater chose for her baby daughter, as it was inspired by a modern pop star.

The BBC soap finally aired the scenes where Lily gave birth during tonight's instalment, and the emotional episode prompted many to praise bosses for their amazing handling of the storyline.

However when Lily (Lillia Turner) announced what she had decided to call her adorable baby daughter, it prompted a great deal of confusion from fans.

As Stacey Slater asked her daughter what the name was, Lily shared: "Charli."

"Aaaw after Uncle Charlie?"

"No, Charli XCX," the youngster clarified.

Fans flocked to Instagram to share their thoughts on the decision, as the characters learned Lily had opted to name her daughter after a huge pop star.

"When Jean called her Charlie xyz," one fan laughed.

Another person exclaimed: "nah haven’t even watched n I’m howling"

"why is this sending me over the edge," a third person joked.

While a fourth asked: "is this a joke."

"I found this funnier than I should of," one viewer said, as another added: "KILLLLED ME OFF."

Other fans were simply bowled over by the incredible acting from Lacey Turner and her on-screen daughter Lillia, as the pair were in floods of tears during the birth scene.

Stacey praised her 13 year old as she cried and pushed her baby out, with Jean Slater there in the background for support.

While Martin was upset and didn't want to be involved as he hated the sound of his "baby having a baby," Stacey took a more pragmatic approach.

"Oh Lily, I can't believe you made a baby, you can't even make toast!" the proud mum giggled through her tears.

There are set to be struggles ahead for Lily, as she finds it hard to cope with her new status as a mum, and will turn to Stacey for help in the difficult days of caring for a newborn.

Time will tell if the role ends up making the character as EastEnders continues to delve into controversial storylines on Albert Square.

EastEnders continues Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One

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