Manpreet crippled by guilt over shock death in Emmerdale

Charles (Kevin Mathurin) did the unthinkable when he framed dad Victor (Eddie Osei) for the theft of Manpreet’s (Rebecca Sarker) necklace. It caused Victor so much stress that his aneurism burst, and he died. Charles then went one worse by burdening Manpreet with his terrible truth of what he did.

Charles had secretly decided he needed rid of his dad and devised a plan of hiding Jai’s family heirloom necklace in his dad’s pocket in the hope Manpreet would find it and give Victor his marching orders.

Instead, she found it and immediately called the police, putting Victor’s freedom in jeopardy due to the fact he was on probation.

As Victor pleaded his innocence, Claudette (Flo Wilson) refused to listen, and with PC Swirling on the way, Victor did a bunk. Charles later found him dead in the church, killed by the stress of being accused of something he didn’t do.

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Charles was left mortified by his actions, and he faced the consequence of losing his entire family and livelihood if it ever got out. But when the burden of the secret became too much, he blurted it out to Manpreet.

His lover was aghast at his admission and implored him to confess the truth, but he refused – citing the fact he would lose his mother and children if he did so. That has meant Manpreet has been carrying the weight of the truth herself, and it’s rapidly becoming too heavy for her.

Grieving Claudette has a confession for the GP – that she lied to Charles about how much support she truly needed from him. She wasn’t honest because she was trying to block out the grief due to Victor’s apparent betrayal. Charles has also avoided giving support given that he is guilty of killing his dad in one way or another.

Knowing that Claudette is struggling because of Charles is another load on Manpreet’s shoulders and she struggles to keep his secret.

She knows Claudette deserves the truth to free her of the anger she feels towards her deceased husband. Will Manpreet cave and reveal the truth?

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