Emmerdale spoilers see Nate left shocked as he finds Corey with illegal guns

Emmerdale'sNate Robinson is set to be stunned when he finds his pal Corey Sanderson with illegal guns, show spoilers have revealed.

In recent weeks, viewers have watched as Nate has got himself involved in some illegal deals in his new job with his school pal Corey and his uncle, Caleb Milligan.

However, in more recent episodes, Nate has tried to put his foot down and refuse as he wants to protect his family.

The pressure has been building for him though, as Corey has continued to ask him for help.

Now, after taking Corey's role as manager, Nate attempted to stop the deals, but he is without success at the moment.

During Wednesday, 30 August's episode, Nate decides to take action as he finds Corey with illegal guns.

However, it's not long before his wife, Tracy Robinson, arrives and sends him into panic, leading him to hide the guns.

Nate then breaks the news to Caleb, who is furious to find out what has been going on behind his back.

After rushing off to find the guns, he and Nate are full of dread when they find them missing and Nate is at a loss thinking about how he will break the news to Corey, avoiding his messages and calls.

As Nate worries about what is going to happen, Tracy picks up on his mood, but not wanting to talk about it, he rushes out of the house to avoid the conversation.

What will happen to Nate when Corey finds out?

Elsewhere in the village, Dr Liam Cavanagh heads out on his date with Charity Dingle as he attempts to move on from his affair with Wendy Posner.

As the date kicks off, Liam is enthralled, and it isn't long before he is slightly intoxicated by Charity’s charm.

However, will Charity be equally impressed with Liam?

Completing the dramatic episode, Gabby Thomas is back from her short break away.

She left the village in a rush after trying to kiss Billy Fletcher, and she soon discovered that she was starting to get feelings for the married man.

When she returns, she and Billy decide to keep their indiscretion a secret and not tell Billy's wife Dawn.

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