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FLOOR Is Lava is the sickly gameshow in the US where contestants have to reach a goal whilst navigating rooms filled with 'lava'.

Competitors on the Netflix programme have to traverse rooms filled with traps by leaping from chairs, hang from drapes and swing from chandeliers.

However, one contestant has opened up on the realities of the show and what really goes on behind the scenes.

Internet personality Max Larsen competed in the third series of the programme.

He took to TikTok in a video which he captioned: "Lava is NOT AS EASY AS IT LOOKS."

The former game show competitor explained: "I live in Los Angeles, California, and I recently was on a TV show, I know exciting!


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"It was for Netflix, it's called Floor Is Lava, season three episode two.

"Spoiler if you haven't watched it, I go off and I fell in the lava. But afterwards we weren't not eliminated."

He then said that producers went to great lengths to get him ready for the surprise second round of the competition.

"Somehow we were in second place so then we had to compete for another round, so they just decided to hose us off in a kiddy pool," Max admitted.

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"So I stood in the kiddy and they just [sprayed us off]," as he completed a hose like gesture.

He also admitted that the show is not as easy as it looks and it's easy for viewers to get misconceptions.

"Before you come for my throat and say that 'it's easy, I could probably do it [myself],' I mean no," he explained.

"Because that stuff is lava, it is a full layer of just like [slippery] goo, like you are not touching the floor.

"You're touching just the lava and you're hovering over it."

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