Rylan Clark devastated by Big Brother snub – I thought theyd ask me back

Rylan Clark appeared on Loose Women to discuss his new E4 show Sex Rated but it didn't take long for talk to turn to Big Brother – a show that effectively launched his career.

The star, 34, who won the 11th celebrity version of the show in 2013 and went on to successfully host Big Brother spin-off, Bit on the Side until 2018, was visibly emotional when chatting about it returning without him.

He started by saying that Big Brother was a massive part of his life. Then he continued: "It was my favourite thing in the world to do and for the past five years I've been very vocal saying, 'It should come back.'

In my eyes it's still the best reality show that's ever been out there."

He revealed he also didn't know much detail before fans did, despite having been a favourite to host the reboot. "I didn't know what was going on with it but I've always said, 'I hope I'm a part of it. Stupidly to a point, I just thought 'I've been there for six, nearly seven years…'"

He then broke to reveal how much he loves the show, reminding Loose Women host Ruth Langsford that she has been to his house and has seen the diary room he has built in.

He continued: "I presumed that I'd be asked back. I knew Emma [Willis] wasn't going back – Emma's a good friend of mine. I could be one of those people who sit here and go, 'no it's not what I wanted…'

"I would have went back to Big Brother in a heartbeat so it was quite difficult for me actually because I didn't find out until near-on when everyone else found out, which I was quite upset about."

Moving on, co-host Brenda Edwards asked about his mum's recent holiday accident, saying: "Rylan, your mum is wonderful, you touched on her earlier, what's happened to her and is she okay now?"

As a picture of Rylan's mum with an arm cast on appeared, Rylan laughed: "She's alright, I took her for her first holiday in 10 years, that's how she ended up. Classic Linda, throwing herself on the floor."

He then explained: "No she literally tripped on the smallest lip between two tiles and unfortunately she broke her leg and her arm, and I thought in my optimistic mind when she'd done it, 'it's fine, we'll still be able to fly in on Thursday, we can get home,' the next thing I know I'm there for another week and we are booking private jets, medical jets, it's been a nightmare, to be honest, but she's good."

"She's good, she's at home watching now, I put a little post up yesterday because we had to go to hospital. She went to see the surgeon and she's going to have another surgery hopefully by the end of this week."

At the beginning of September, Rylan missed his BBC Radio 2 show following his mum's fall. He told his fans at the time: "So unfortunately I took my mum away on her first holiday in a good few years and sadly she's had quite a bad fall, resulting in her having to have surgery out here.

"She's not in the best health with her other conditions and this has made it more complicated. My priority at the moment is my mum.

"Cheers Scott for covering me at radio 2 and thanks to the people out here that have sent their well wishes. Praying for a successful surgery and a quick recovery."

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