‘Stacey hasn’t got time to deal with her emotions,’ says EastEnders star Lacey Turner

In real life, actress Lacey Turner is a mother of two, having welcomed her daughter Dusty in 2019 and son Trilby in 2021. But in EastEnders, her character Stacey Slater has just become a grandmother!

Daughter Lily, who’s just 13 years old, gave birth to a baby girl, Charli, at home just after Stacey made the discovery that her so-called friend, Theo, is her stalker.

“Stacey hasn’t had time to deal with any of her emotions towards the situation because she knows she needs to be strong for Lily,” explains Lacey. “I think she’s running on autopilot. Lily and the baby are her main responsibility but underneath it all she’s struggling.”

Theo disappeared after the confrontation with Stacey, but her stress levels are at an all-time high as she fears he’s lurking in Walford.

So when Jack Branning finds Lily and Charli’s father Ricky clowning about with the baby, Stacey lashes out.

“She’s already blaming herself for the situation with Theo because she feels guilty for bringing him into her family’s lives,” Lacey tells us.

“Jack’s outburst feeds into those anxieties because she wants to prove that she can be in control, be responsible and keep her family safe. All of that upset and stress from last week comes to a head and she finally snaps.”

There’s even more reason to be worried as Stacey and Lily prepare for a visit from their social worker – but could Stacey be taking over with Charli a little too much?

“I think Stacey was always going to be hands-on with Lily and the baby,” reveals Lacey. “But she’s even more overprotective than she would have been because she keeps all of those anxieties about Theo under wraps."

"Stacey just wants to make sure that Lily is being supported, because she understands how daunting it all must be. Lily is still her baby so she wants to help.”

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