Unrecognisable Ed Sheeran transforms into homeless drug addict for movie cameo

Ed Sheeran Lookalike ‘mobbed by fans’ at concert

Ed Sheeran is going from the stage to the big screen as he prepares to play a homeless drug addict in a cameo in the upcoming comedy Sumotherhood.

The acclaimed singer was spotted in rapper and director Adam Deacon’s new film, which is described as ‘a parody of the UK urban genre’ in the movie’s synopsis.

The film also features Denise van Outen, Jennifer Saunders, Jaime Winstone, Peter Serafinowicz, former Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn, and Leomie Anderson. But it is Ed’s turn as drug addict that has fans intrigued.

“Ed plays this bloke who’s not got a home and looks like a crack addict. It was filmed a while ago, but work on the movie is almost complete and the hope is it will be out this year,” a source told The Sun’s Bizarre Column back in February.

“The casting makes it an intriguing one and in particular, everyone wants to see Ed. He doesn’t have a massive part in the film and although fans will recognise him straight away, they’ve never seen him looking like this,” the unnamed source concluded.

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Co-written and directed by Adam Deacon, the film is an action-packed spoof of his previous films, Kidulthood and Adulthood.

Adam previously promised that the film would “celebrate the variety of life’ found in modern east London.”

“We are so excited that this incredible cast are joining the project bringing these wacky and crazy characters to life. More than ever, we are celebrating the variety of life in East London in 2022. Both darkly authentic, as well as embracing the vibrant and diverse lifestyle of living in an East London council estate.”

“This film is going to be an explosion of fun with action and comedy at every turn, while also hitting some serious subject matters with raw emotion and harsh reality.”

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Sumotherhood is of course, not Ed’s first foray into acting.

He famously popped up in Game of Thrones’ season seven premiere back in 2017.

His cameo as Eddie, a member of the Lannister army, was actually a surprise for star Maisie Williams (Arya) who was a huge fan of the Shape of You singer.

We may not know the fate of Ed’s character on Sumotherhood, but it has to be better than what happened to poor Eddie on GoT.

According to prostitutes hired by Bronn (Jerome Flynn) Eddie and his fellow soldiers were present when Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) – and her dragon Drogon – burned most of the Lannister army at the Battle of Goldroad. Eddie may have lived, but he suffered serious burns, and lost his eyelids.

Fans can catch Ed’s appearance in Sumotherhood when it hits theaters on October 13.

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