Judi Dench in bad way as husband rushed across the world to come to her aid

BBC Countryfile: Judi Dench to join next episode

Judi Dench has opened up about her life and her marriage to fellow actor Michael Williams in a new podcast with Gyles Brandreth.

The 88-year-old actress was married to Michael Williams from 1971 until his death from lung cancer in 2001.

She told Glyles how Michael got on a plane and rushed to Australia to comfort her after the death of a colleague whilst on tour.

Speaking on the Rosebud podcast, she said: “When we were on tour with the company at Stratford, we were in Australia, and one of our company took an overdose and died.

“We were all in a very bad way, and Mikey met Trevor Nunn one day by accident, Trevor happened to say that we were not too good, and Mikey got on a plane and came out.

“Everyone knew him, everybody had known him. It was just wonderful he was there.”

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She also spoke about a time where Mike had taken her for tea whilst they were in Adelaide.

She laughed as she told the hilarious tale of how he asked if she wanted a boiled egg, with her replying: “Boiled egg and toast, my goodness how lovely that would be.”

Before going on to say that after they had finished the meal, the staff brought over an “enormous” bill.

She explained: “Mike paid it, and he said, I always remember because he had such a wonderful sense of humour, he said, ‘Will you give that chicken who is walking out the back with a gold watch my thanks’,” before the pair burst out laughing.

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Judi has since found love with David Mills who she met when he invited her to open a squirrel enclosure at the wildlife centre he runs near her home in Surrey.

They have been an item since 2010 and David can be seen appearing on this week’s Countryfile alongside Judi to discuss how he gave up being a dairy farmer to create the British Wildlife Centre.

In 2014, Judi gave an interview to The Times Magazine, where she spoke about how she didn’t expect to find love again after the death of her husband.

During the interview, she said: “I wasn’t even prepared to be ready for it,

“It was very, very gradual and grown up. We got together, in a way, through the animals. It’s just wonderful.”

The full interview with Judi can be listened to on Rosebud by Gyles Brandreth, available on Apple Podcasts.

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