Top 10 Most Followed Traditional Celebrities on TikTok Revealed

TikTok has become a go-to social media platform for everyone!

The video app gained immense popularity in 2019 and it became a must have throughout the pandemic in 2020.

Even many celebrities started using the app, joining in on the different trends and sharing cute videos of what they were up to during their quarantines.

Now, TikTok has become a major marketing tool for many celebs, from music stars to actors promoting their work and the app being a go-to tool to mark if something will be viral or popular.

We’re taking a look at the traditional celebrities who have the most followers on TikTok, ranging from actors to singers, K-pop acts and more!

Traditional celebrities are those who didn’t become famous off of social media, but rather gained stardom through more traditional routes, like movies, television, music and even reality shows.

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