People who earn £100k are ‘flops’ in bed as lower earners ‘best you’ve ever had’

People on the big bucks are the worst in bed, a study has found.

Those who earn a packet are considered the worst bonks of all.

Just 3% of the 2,000 folk polled said ‘rich people’ on salaries of £100k+ were good in bed.

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On the other side of the coin, 21% of those polled said bedding someone on between £15,000 to £25,000 was the best they’d had.

Sandra Lowe, 43, of Cromer, Norfolk, said she used to date a banker on £150,000-a-year who also pulled in bonuses of over £100,000-a-year but said he was flop in bed.

She said she was now dating a barman who earns £23,000-a-year and that he was fantastic in the sack.

She said: “The banker was loaded and bought me loads of presents and took me on loads of holidays, and he drove a Porsche but he was a real bore in the bedroom.

“My new lover is fantastic, I couldn’t care less how much he earns.”

Relationship expert Jessica Leoni, of Married Dating UK – Illicit Encounters® – Extra marital affairs and dating, said: “It turns out money really can’t buy you happiness – or at least, not in the bedroom.

“Being a great lover is more about qualities like communication, emotional connection, and mutual respect – things that are priceless!

“It might be nice to be treated to expensive gifts and taken out to fancy restaurants, but ultimately, if you’re looking for good sex, you might want to look at their payslip before getting into bed with them.”

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