Voicemail Released of Man Who Accidentally Recorded Himself Murdering Mom's Boyfriend

Cody Allen Wade left a voicemail for his mom before killing her boyfriend, but forgot to hang up; now, the recording that helped land him 85 years in prison has been released.

A recording has been released of the moment a 33-year-old Indiana Man killed his mother’s boyfriend, after he accidentally forgot to hang up his phone while leaving a voicemail.

Cody Allen Wade was found guilty in August on one count of murder, resisting law enforcement, and battery against a public safety official and two counts of battery resulting in bodily injury to a public safety official. He was given 85 years in prison; as part of his sentencing earlier this month, he received a sentencing enhancement of 15 years after being deemed a habitual offender.

The guilty charge stems from Wade’s June 2020 arrest for the murder of Carl Haviland, his mother’s boyfriend.

Before Haviland was killed, Wade left a cookout and walked to his mother’s house — allegedly telling another person he “was going to kill someone.” Prosecutors say he then called his mother, leaving her a voicemail but failing to hang up the phone after. Because of this, audio of the the entire murder was also recorded.

Warning: The audio below is graphic and disturbing.

Fox News Digital obtained a copy of the voicemail, which allegedly begins with Wade telling a neighbor he plans to “catch a charge” before using a racial slur; Much of the audio has been censored.

“Carl, where you at?!” Wade can be heard exclaiming, before saying something about a stabbing. His mother can be heard screaming in the background, shouting, “He didn’t do nothing! Tell me what he did, tell me Cody!”

Wade then began to shout, “Hope he dies! I hope he’s dead!”, while telling someone to call 9-1-1. Per Fox News, via the prosecutor’s office, Wade then told a neighbor, “I’ve got murder charges.”

Wade was accused of stabbing Haviland five times in the chest in front of his mom; the recording was played for the jury during his trial. In the sentencing order, Clay County Superior Court Judge Robert A. Pell said Wade “kicked and taunted” the victim after the stabbing; the doc also stated Wade was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder.

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“All murders are gruesome. I think what made this case especially so was the fact that the defendant had inadvertently recorded himself throughout the murder, so we were able to hear the entire thing,” Clay County Prosecutor Emily Clarke said, via Tri-City Herald. “There was taunting going on. The defendant was making racial slurs at the victim and saying horrible things.”

“My remorse is real,” Wade reportedly said before sentencing — adding, “I lost my friend that night, too.”

Speaking to Fox News Digital, Haviland’s son James said he was “relieved” after the sentencing — calling it “adequate.”

“It’s nice to not have to worry about what’s going to happen down the road anymore,” he said, “whether the guy was going to walk on some technicality. I’m glad that’s all taken care of now.”

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