Emmerdale viewers distracted as Cathy Hope makes life-changing announcement

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    Emmerdale viewers seem to have come to the end of their tether with Cathy Hope's storyline after the young teen made a startling hysterectomy confession.

    During Wednesday night's show (September 13), Cathy finally received a diagnosis for what has been causing her unsettling behaviour.

    Cathy has been suffering with mood swings, bouts of depression and has often behaved erratically out of the blue.

    During a hospital appointment, Cathy and her father Bob were told that she had been diagnosed with Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) which has been the cause of her outbursts.

    With Bob feeling happy that they've reached some sort of solution, Cathy was still understandably angered by the outcome and later snapped at him when they got home.

    But with Cathy's mood swings taking precedence on the show once again, fans begged writers to turn the emotional turmoil down a notch.

    Heading over to X, formerly known as Twitter, one viewer said: "Just been looking up that PMDD and to be fair Cathy does have alot to moan about. Problem is I don’t want to see the moaning!"

    Another penned: "Please god let the tablets work because we can’t take much more of Cathy!!"

    While a third penned: "I hope they find a cure for Cathy rather than just manage the symptoms. I can't abide the moodiness any longer. Maybe she should be called Gale…cos she almost lifts roofs off house & uproots trees when she off on one."

    Later on in the show, Cathy told an upbeat Bob that she wanted the symptoms of her PMDD to completely go away.

    Informing her dad that she does not want to take anti-depressants to help with her condition, Cathy later announced that she wants to remove her womb.

    After she declared her shock decision, fans had quite a lot to say about this too.

    One viewer hopped on to social media and wrote: "A hysterectomy!! She'll be lucky, my 34-year-old daughter has endometriosis, has suffered for years & years & the hospital have got her on 1 final lot of treatment, if it doesn't work they'll give her one, so Cathy has got a long wait!"

    While another added: "I've been asking for a hysterectomy since I was 16 and am still being told I'm too young for one even though I'm in my 40s."

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