The heartbreaking story behind My Mum, Your Dad star Rogers wifes death

My Mum, Your Dad is the show that everyone is watching, but it's one contestant in particular that has really caught the attention of viewers – Roger.

On the show, hosted by Davina McCall, the 58-year-old told the tragic story of losing his wife Joanna to cancer, and that she went to sleep one night and never woke up again.

Then when Roger, who is a postman, went on a date during Tuesday night's episode, he told single mum Caroline about the heartbreak he faced just 18 months ago.

He explained that Joanna, who passed away when she was 52, found a spot behind her ear while on holiday that later turned out to be cancer.

"We were on holiday in Italy and I just looked behind her ear, and it was irritating her – just a little spot behind her ear," Roger said emotionally.

"I said 'you need to get that checked out when you get back' and she did. She got seen to really quick, and it was melanoma. But she didn't know that by that time the cancer had gone to her brain."

The dad-of-one then explained that Joanna sadly passed away on the couch one night, "She said ''I'm really tired'', and I said ''come on I'll put you to bed or do you want to go on settee?'

"She said 'put me on settee'. Then I come in about half an hour later, and obviously, I should have just phoned an ambulance straight away."

Roger's date Caroline couldn't hide her emotion and provided him with the comfort that he, "wouldn't have known."

The star, from Derbyshire, then admitted, "She'd had breast cancer about three or four years ago, and she got over that before."

However, Roger admitted himself that he wasn't ready to date, but was nominated by his daughter Jess to open up his heart again.

"Following my wife passing 18 months ago, I didn’t really want to meet anyone. You don’t expect it to be you and you don’t expect it to be your wife," he said.

"But I’m going on the show to get some confidence. I must have subconsciously wanted to meet someone by saying yes to the show."

And fans have been quick to show their support for the contestant on social media.

One wrote, "I'm actually loving My Mum, Your Dad. Roger melts my heart," while another said, "Watching Your Mum, My Dad and bawling my eyes out watching Roger talk about his late wife."

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