Emmerdales Mack set for dark death twist as AI teases Harry murder plot

AI has waded in on the latest Emmerdale dilemma as it shares its take on whether "Harry" will murder Mackenzie Boyd during the Christmas period.

This week, fans were left stunned when they finally discovered who Chloe Harris' real father is. After months of speculation, it was revealed that "Harry" is in fact Damon Harris and is Chloe's biological dad.

In Thursday's hour-long episode (December 14), Chloe met up with her estranged father who explained that he has continued to keep his eyes and ears on her despite their distant relationship. Dad Damon also seemed to know about every twist and turn regarding Chloe's life and told his daughter how he wanted to meet his grandson Reuben.

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Chloe explained to Damon about her predicament regarding Mackenzie and how she wants a new identity to get away from her troubles. But it soon becomes clear Damon has his own agenda and may have something more sinister up his sleeve.

As Mack is desperate to reconnect with his son, Emmerdale spoilers recently revealed that he could end up in serious trouble. With tensions rising, AI has shared its predictions.

It said: "It is not possible to say for sure whether or not Emmerdale's Harry will kill Mack over Christmas. The show has been known to throw curveballs in the past, and it is always possible that Harry's anger towards Mack could lead to violence.

"However, it is also possible that Harry will find a way to control his anger and avoid killing Mack. Ultimately, it will be up to the writers of the show to decide what happens. In the meantime, fans of the show can speculate and theorise about what might happen.

"Some fans believe that Harry will eventually snap and kill Mack in a fit of rage. Others believe that Harry will find a way to forgive Mack and move on from his anger.

"Still others believe that Harry and Mack will be able to work through their differences and become friends." The technology explained.

AI added: "There's a big Christmas Eve party happening in Emmerdale this year, and it seems like this could be the setting for a showdown between Harry and Mack. With everyone distracted, Harry could easily take Mack out without anyone noticing. This would be a shocking twist, and it would definitely shake up the village over Christmas.

"Of course, it's also possible that Harry won't go through with killing Mack. He could have a change of heart at the last minute, or someone could intervene and stop him. But the fact that the soap is even hinting at this possibility is a sign that things are going to get very dark in Emmerdale over Christmas."

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