I’m A Celeb star spotted ‘hugging their way out of trouble’ after jungle clashes

Nella Rose tried to "hug her way out of trouble" after leaving I’m A Celebrity over fears she "came across badly", a body language expert said.

The 26-year-old YouTuber fell out with First Dates star Fred Sirieix in the jungle after she accused him of “disrespecting her” when he joked he was old enough to be her dad – soon after she spoke to him about her father’s death in 2020. Nella also went on to have a disagreement with former UKIP leader Nigel Farage about his views on immigration.

After Fred and Nella fell out over the so-called ‘Dadgate’ incident, the influencer told him: “I don’t want to be around you. I only allow people to disrespect me once. You hurt my feelings.”

However, the pair seemed to put the row behind them as they teamed up for a challenge days later.

But, according to the way Nella and Fred greeted each other when he left the jungle, the pair are unlikely to be ‘friends for life’, body language expert Judi James observed.

The influencer was shown leaving the jungle on Wednesday night’s I'm A Celebrity… Coming Out, questioning whether she'd been "cancelled" and admitting her nerves over the public perception of her.

And expert Judi told The Sun: "Nella was the first up to hug Fred when he came out of the jungle to meet the 'friends and family' group at the hotel. She sounded worried about coming across badly on the show and seemed to be hugging her way out of potential trouble.

"Fred asked, ‘Are you ok?’ and got a weak ‘Yeah’ in reply, and their hearty hug looked equally weak in terms of the subtler details as he patted her in a ‘break’ signal almost straight away, and the fingertips of her hands as they hugged looked lifted away from his back."

She added: "As a conciliatory make-up gesture, it showed Nella was keen to emphasise her obvious sweet, fun side, but the subtler details of this hug suggested the pair might not quite make ‘friends for life’."

Judi also observed that, despite their fallout in camp, Nella was one of only a couple of celebs who stepped forward to meet controversial politician Nigel as he arrived at the Brisbane hotel after coming in third place. According to Judi, Nigel received a ‘distinctly frosty reception’ from most of his former campmates, with Fred ‘looking spectacularly grim-faced’.

The only other celeb who rushed to greet Nigel was former EastEnders star Danielle Harold, 31, Judi added.

The body language expert went on to say that the reunion between This Morning presenter Josie Gibson and Fred was also ‘awkward’. The pair had rowed in the jungle over cooking meals for the camp and appeared to have taken their gripes back to the hotel, Judi observed.

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