ITV Im A Celeb fans disgusted by gross Nigel Farage scene in Coming Out show

I'm A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! viewers were left feeling a bit queasy after Nigel Farage revealed his first meal outside of the camp.

The former UKIP leader, who came third in the show, tucked into sardines, Toblerone and beer – a combination that had fans taking to social media to share their thoughts.

"Why am I not surprised that Nigel is a sardine kind of man," one viewer wrote, while another commented: "Toblerone and sardines, interesting choices there Nigel."

A third fan understood the choice of beer but was puzzled by the fishy snack, writing: "Beer I can understand but sardines??!?!"

Nigel Farage, the Brexit campaigner, was reportedly allowed to smoke in the jungle after striking a deal with the show's producers.

Ava Evans spilled the beans on the Paper Cuts podcast, revealing: "Would you like some insider knowledge of why Nigel Farage was considering not doing it? It is the smoking ban. You can't smoke and he is a very heavy smoker." She also mentioned that Chris Moyles had a similar discussion last year due to his smoking habit.

After his jungle adventure, Nigel thanked his fans in an Instagram video, saying: "I'm back! A massive thank you to everyone who supported and voted for me in the Jungle!" He also hinted at having plenty to share, adding: "I'm back, and I'll tell you what, I've got a lot to say."

It's rumoured that Nigel pocketed a whopping £1.2 million for his stint on I'm A Celebrity, setting a new record for the highest fee ever paid to a contestant.

As the ITV show came to a close last weekend, it appeared that Nigel and his fellow campmate Nella Rose put their feud behind them as they were seen enjoying a drink together at the reunion party.

During their time in the jungle Nella and Nigel first clashed over their views on immigration and then had a later disagreement on the topic of cultural appropriation. While the arguments were heated in the jungle, it seemed to be a thing of the past as they were snapped smiling together.

They were joined by their fellow ex-campmates, including the newly crowned King of the Jungle Sam Thompson, for drinks after the show's final on Sunday night, before they returned back to the UK this week.

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