Inside Emmerdale star Chris Bissons DIY home as roof starts to be built

Chris Bisson has been a big part of Emmerdale since he first joined the soap in 2009, playing the role of Jai Sharma.

While his onscreen life in the famous village is full of drama, thankfully away from the camera things are much more easygoing for Chris. In reality, he lives a relatively quieter life with his wife and two children.

With that, let's take a further look into Chris Bisson's DIY project that he is doing off-screen – building his own house, a project he started last November…

Latest update

Taking to Instagram earlier this week, Chris shared an update about where the house build was at. He revealed that work on the roof has started and the ridge steel has also been put in.

He captioned his post: "Finally, it's starting to look like a proper house. The ridge steel went in smoothly, and then the joiners started on the roof. It was exciting to see.

"I could stare at the roof timbers for ages. The rafters are a work of art, and it's a shame they are ultimately hidden.
Then, there were a hell of a lot of joists hangers to be nailed in, and I had to call for reinforcements to help with that job. Fortunately, my uncle came to the rescue.

"The felt and batten felt like a big moment, giving us some weather protection. Then finally the big day…. some slates went on.

"We've used Spanish slate on our roof. We did look at Welsh slate, but it's very expensive these days. We ideally like to source locally, but with the price of everything going through the roof (no pun intended), it was too much.

"The rooflights were fitted while we were slating – more on that next time. Then, the Insulation King was back to fit the solid insulation between the rafters. Wow, that was a job and a half! I was constantly picking expanding foam off my hands and out of my hair – it certainly kept the makeup team busy.

"This all seemed to take an age in real life, but here you have it in one post. Now we can dare to start thinking about the inside."


Chris announced last November that he and his family were building their new home from scratch.

He said: "We've embarked on a little family adventure… Building our forever home! It's been a long time in the planning and we are excited to finally be making a start."

It's been quite the journey so far and he's shared every step of the way on his Instagram, from putting down the foundations to adding solar panels.

In January, he wrote: "There was a lot of money simply disappearing into the ground. Plus EVERYTHING is now a lot more expensive than when we were planning the project. The steel price went through the roof – up 60% – and that's just one element."

"We'll have to claw that back further down the line… So, in classic Grand Designs style, it's already apparent that compromises will have to be made later."


Chris's house for his family is still a long way from being finished. He and wife Rowenna Finn regularly post snaps from the home to show their followers the process.

The actor has been very hands on with the process, even being seen laying concrete in some social media posts. In August, he wrote on Instagram: "After a grinding wet Autumn to get up to height, another big landmark was upon us. An actual first floor."

He continued: "There was a lot of preparation before it arrived. All of the steel had to be set, checked and double checked to make sure were exactly right. I remember a lot of toing and froing with the supply company, but eventually we got there and it was all craned in over 3 days – and hey presto, we can keep building."

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