The Chosens boss teases season 4 will be darker and more sad

The Chosen Season 4: Teaser trailer

Historical bible series The Chosen has had a phenomenal year after striking a distribution deal with Lionsgate and premiering on The CW, bringing the show to a wider audience than ever before.

The Chosen also managed to reach an agreement with SAG-AFTRA allowing it to continue filming while most other projects across film and television have been brought to a standstill by the Hollywood industrial action taking place at the moment.

The Chosen follows the life of Jesus of Nazareth (played by Jonathan Roumie) as he spreads the word of God.

The series started off as a crowdfunded project back in 2017 and quickly gained momentum with angel investors coming on board.

Fast-forward to 2023 and the show is on the cusp of releasing its fourth season next year with screenings teased to be taking place on the big screen.

A teaser trailer for season four recently dropped and promises a darker affair than audiences may be used to.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Express, The Chosen’s creator, writer and director Dallas Jenkins teased what fans could expect next.

He said: “Well, our show, I think from the beginning has not been afraid of showing sadness and pain.

“The very first scene of season one shows a woman who is demon-possessed and blood on her.”

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Dallas Jenkins teasing season 4 of The Chosen

He continued: “I think we said right off the bat, this is not a clean, sanitised, pretty show all the time.

“So we’ve never shied away from that but season four, I think, is more sad than some of the other seasons that comes before.

“I don’t want to scare people into not watching it but the reason it’s more sad is because Jesus is more sad.”

The filmmaker said the change in tone was more with the keeping of the timeline and the approaching of Jesus’ crucifixion and ultimate sacrifice.

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Jenkins said: “He’s not sad because he’s going to die, he’s sad because so many people are not understanding including his own disciples.

“So, we see he wept over Jerusalem. We also know that he was sad and upset because he was telling the disciples, ‘I’m going to die and you’re going to suffer. Will you lay down your life for me?’

“And they were saying, ‘We don’t understand what you’re saying but here’s what’s more important – where do we rank in the group? Can we be at your right and left hand in the Kingdom of Heaven?’ That at times broke his heart.”

Jenkins’ words are echoed in the teaser, which has a sombre tone to it with one character even saying in voiceover: “I dread what is to come.”

Despite this, Jenkins stressed there were still some “wonderful” Bible stories for fans to enjoy and miracles.

Although fans are still in for a wait with a full trailer yet to drop, it looks like there’s a great deal in store in the next chapter of The Chosen.

The Chosen season 4 will be premiering in February 2024

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