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DESPERATE Mackenzie Boyd has been trying to get access to his son Reuben but his many ploys could backfire on him.

The Emmerdale troublemaker could face immediate danger this week, while another villager tries to keep the peace in her home.

1. Kerry returns

Unable to cope with the realisation Mackenzie (played by Lawrence Robb) had been lying to her and was still in love with his wife Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins), Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland) got the ultimate revenge.

In explosive scenes aired on ITV, Mack had to fight Chloe to get their son Reuben to stay in the village as she was packing her things up along with the tot for a fresh start away from the eponymous village.

Mack, whose behaviour has been shocking at best and almost criminal at worst all throughout his relationship with Chloe, was devastated and ran after the car she was driving to get to Reuben – to no avail.

But while he has to go above and beyond to try and find his son, Matty Barton (Ash Palmisciano) and his partner Amy Wyatt (Natalie Ann Jamieson) both know where Chloe has gone.

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Coming up next week, despite pleas from Mack, Matty hides the truth about Chloe and Reuben from Mack, causing tension.

Mackenzie's sister Moira Dingle (Natalie J. Robb) wants a big family Christmas, pressuring Matty to convince Amy to join.

However, Mack struggles with the idea of sitting around a Christmas dinner table with Amy while grieving his missing son.

A heated argument erupts between Matty and Amy and soon, the former cracks and tells Mack that he and Amy are visiting Chloe and Reuben the following day.

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Mackenzie darkly processes this new information and rushes round to see Charity, fired-up with hope and a plan to get his son back.

Later on, Mack and Charity covertly follow Amy’s car as it leaves the village.

When they get stuck at some temporary traffic lights, Matty’s horrified and Amy’s furious to spot Mack and Charity are following them.

With Mack increasingly frustrated over Amy’s unwillingness to tell him where his son is, he takes drastic measures and snatches her phone, planning to lure Chloe to a meet up by pretending to be her sister.

Soon, an oblivious Chloe is excited as she prepares Reuben to meet Amy in a nearby park.

But a careless word from Mackenzie in a text sent to her from Amy’s phone leads suspicious Chloe to realise she’s walking into a trap.

As she sends a reply telling Mack he’ll never see his son again, his despair quickly turns to fury.

Amy then shames Mack for isolating a vulnerable Chloe even further.

When Matty accuses Mack of destroying his relationship with Amy, Mack’s sarcastic response prompts Matty to punch him.

Things then go from bad to worse when Amy hopes Mackenzie will never see Reuben again.

An angry Amy blames him for leaving Chloe isolated, alone and on the run while a stricken Matty heads off in defeat, believing their relationship is over.

Later, up at the HOP, Amy’s startled when a hooded figure grabs her – could it be Mackenzie?

While it would be easy to speculate Mack will lash out as he continues to spiral without his son, one member of the Wyatt family has been missing for several months – Amy and Chloe's mother Kerry.

Actress Laura Norton is expected to reprise her role as the fan favourite after leaving the soap to go on maternity leave.

Could she come back with Chloe to the Dales in a bid to help her get rid of Mackenzie?

Could Amy be approached by a worried Kerry, secretly returning to make Mack's life a nightmare?

2. Horrific arrival

Soap fans have also been at the edge of their seats after it was revealed that Chloe's controlling father would soon be making an appearance in Emmerdale.

And as Christmas is fast approaching, Mackenzie's struggle to get to Reuben is due to continue, as teased by actor Lawrence Robb during a recent chat with

"The teaser for this Christmas will be: cold, hard, sore, dangerous, dynamic, critical", the soap star said, without going into any specifics.

One could expect Chloe's father to retaliate by plotting a nasty revenge on Mack.

And with Amy threatening the hunk earlier this year, death could even be in the cards.

Could Chloe's dangerous father be the one to bring comeuppance to Mackenzie?

Will he make a surprise arrival to get rid of him in a bid to help Chloe?

Could Kerry even be involved?


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3. Domestic danger for Belle

Tom King (James Chase) returned to the village earlier this year and, after bumping into Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper), he decided to rekindle their relationship.

However, red flags have started to pop up left, right and centre as Tom slowly showed a nastier side of his personality.

Viewers of the Yorkshire-based drama have been fearing for Belle's safety in recent weeks as Thomas once physically lashed out against her.

This week, Tom has very little time left before Christmas and he decides to hatch a plan to surprise Belle.

Belle is intrigued as Tom announces that he has a secret plan to make her Christmas a memorable one.

However, Tom soon beats himself up over his failed plans as his aunt Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler) announces surprise guests for the Christmas fair.  

Could he retaliate with another angry outburst?

Fans of the long-running show have predicted a sinister twist for Belle and Tom's relationship after witnessing strange behaviour from him.

Thomas seemed to spiral following the off-screen death of his mother Colleen King, which he initially kept a secret from Belle.

Many viewers have been speculating that Tom may be a chip off the old block, never shying away from violence, mayhem and maybe even murder.

"I’m starting to wonder if Tom murdered his mum", one of them notably penned on X.

"Tom murdered his mum maybe? Belle watch out you’re in trouble!", another echoed.

A third agreed: "Tom has definitely murdered his mum … why else would he be so shifty? Or maybe the lad who beat him up??"

Could Belle be in danger with Tom?

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What secrets is he keeping?

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.

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