MAFS UK’s Laura storms out and fumes ‘stop filming’ after heated Arthur row

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    E4's Married At First Sight will explode with tension tonight (November 6) with Laura Vaughan demanding producers to "stop filming" as she storms out following a heated clash.

    Fans were left devastated for Laura and her husband Arthur Poremba last week, as they continued to disagree during their homestay. On Thursday's episode, Laura invited Arthur back to Chelsea, London, to see how she lives and later the newlyweds went out for dinner with Laura's friends, Cam and Lucia.

    But things took a drastic turn at the dinner table as they discussed their future as a couple, which led Arthur to call out Cam and Lucia for being "judgemental". Meanwhile, Cam and Lucia pointed their fingers back at Arthur branding him selfish and "rude".

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    But in tonight's episode, the fallout from the clash will continue to cut deep as Laura and Arthur appear to have another heated disagreement. Laura says: "Last night was awful, like really really bad."

    Arthur replies: "Yeah it wasn't nice, was it? I just felt attacked, so I'm always going to give it back. But I guess I will apologise to Cam."

    Surprised by his admission, Laura seemingly questions him on the use of the word "guess". Arthur then responds: "Yeah, I just feel like she didn't like me from day one."

    Laura replies: "So far, all you've done in this conversation Arthur is tell me how you feel. You haven't once apologised to me and asked me how I feel."

    But Arthur hit back and told Laura that she also didn't ask him about how he felt after the awkward dinner experience. He also went on to tell his wife that he felt proud of the way he handled the situation.

    However, Arthur's response clearly left his wife fuming and she quickly demanded to filming to cease as she stormed out of the room. Not understanding what the issue was, Arthur looked dumbfounded by Laura's stance.

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    Last week, fans appeared to be on Arthur's side after the fallout at the dinner table. Some avid viewers also criticised Cam and Lucia's behaviour towards Arthur.

    Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter at the time, one spectator wrote: "Laura’s pals are awful to Arthur. I just don’t get it!"

    Meanwhile, another wrote: "I would never be with someone with friends like that. Arthur should run for the hill, he deserves way better than this bunch of mean girls."

    Married at First Sight UK airs Monday to Thursday on E4 at 9pm

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